Seeking For Happiness

What has made your heart race faster lately? (Other than HIIT traning?) What has made your heart skip a beat? How about taken your breath away?

I have had many of the above during this Spring 2015, and it is only the beginning of March. Both good and bad. But I have to say, that at least I have felt that I am alive!

“Things That Make Your Hear Race Faster” by Mia Kankimäki
Go away, you may be able to see better near.

It is said, that there are three major stress factors in persons life. Those are moving houses, death in the family and divorce. Already one of those can stress a person out pretty well, let alone two, or all of them at the same time.

This Spring I moved to England, and within a month both of my grandparents passed away. My Grandpa’s funeral was one and a half weeks ago. Grandma’s funeral is yet to come. Last night my long term relationship came to its end.


Go far, you’ll see better near. I’ve learned a lot about myself here in England, living by myself. I notice more of my strengths and weaknesses, and also those things that make me happy.

Make someone happy.

I have been thinking a lot of happiness, love, relationships, life and death, all of these, during these couple of months. I am the kind of person who takes sometimes too much of responsibility on other peoples happiness. Therefore I can forget to take care on myself. Now it has come the time for me to ask these questions from myself, that I usually ask from other people. What can be expected from another person? How much is someone else responsible of my well-being?

Happiness is a strange thing. As one of my dear friends, Sonja Strömsholm has very well said it in her blog post (sorry, in Finnish) ‘Help Others‘; “Life is simple; when you are happy, I am happy” Obinna Obieze. Happiness is making someone else happy. This, of course, means that you are relatively happy yourself in the first place, but your happiness grows by the minute you help others become happy. But what I also know, is that happiness, as well sadness, tends to grow. It is only matter of choice.

Sometimes it is good to get rid of the junk mail in our lives.
How much happiness is needed in love?

Happiness is a choice.


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